German – Ukrainian Research Workshop “IT Tools for Integrated Urban Development”

NoenningChair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Rainer Noennig

Main goal: “Outlining the potential for co-developing interactive, open-source digital tools for urban development together with Ukrainian IT and software experts from academia, public administration, and industry”.

– Data: Which (open) data are available for urban development tools in Ukraine, and how can they be used?
– Hardware: Which (open) systems exist to interact view urban data, and how can they be developed?
– Software: Which open software solutions exist for urban analysis and simulation, and how can they be used?
– Outline of potential cooperation projects between German research institutions and Ukranian cities, companies, and universities

Important Dates:
Paper Submission: March 16, 2019
Register as a Presenter: April 15, 2019
Register as an Expert: : April 15, 2019
Participants Registration: : April 15, 2019

Call for participation: DOWNLOAD