Conference Topics

Track 1: Microwave Techniques, Antennas & Radar Systems
A. Microwave Theory and Techniques
B. Antennas and Propagation, Signal Processing & Electromagnetic Compatibility
C. Space, Aerospace and Airborne Technologies
D. Radar Systems, Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Track 2: Bioengineering & Biorobotics
A. Biomedical Engineering, Circuits and Systems
B. Medical Image & Signal Processing
C. Biorobotics, Control & Intelligent Systems

Track 3: Industrial and Power Electronics & Energy Systems
A. Energy Circuits and Systems
B. Smart Grid & Energy Markets
C. Industrial and Power Electronics
D. Vehicular Electrotechnology Equipment and Systems

Track 4: Industry Applications, Automation & Industry 4.0
A. Industry Applications
B. Control and Automation
C. Industry 4.0

Track 5: Nanotechnologies, Photonics, Electron Devices & Magnetics
A. Micro- & Nanoelectronics and Technologies
B. Electron Devices & Integrated Circuits
C. Optics and Photonics, Magnetics
D. MEMS, SoC, NoC and Embedded Systems
E. CAD and EDA Tools, Methods and Algorithms

Track 6: Systems Analysis, Reliability, Computer Science & Communications
A. Communications and Networks
B. Systems Analysis & Engineering, Risk Management & Decision Making Systems
C. Internet of Things, Data Science, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
D. Computer Science and Software Techniques
E. Reliability & Cyber Security

Track 7: Engineering Education & History
A. Educational Research, Methods, Materials, Programs and Technology
B. MOOCs and Blended Learning
C. Historical Milestones of Electrical and Computer Engineering